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James Dean in Times Square.

Top Ryde 2: Electric Boogaloo is my tenth album and the fifth in the Fifty Malls series, released in August 2010. It is about my time working at the Woolworths in the newly reconstructed Top Ryde centre. It is a sequel to the first Top Ryde album released in 2009, which concerned itself with the now-demolished centre that stood in the same place.

Lately there's been news that Top Ryde is going broke. If the building is again demolished and a third Top Ryde is built, I'll complete the trilogy with Top Ryde Revolutions.

The album cover is a tribute to James Dean.

Track listing[]

  1. "I'm Worried About Edmond" (3:13)
  2. "The Shame of It All" (3:39) (Music video)
  3. "Clock Games" (2:48)
  4. "Tetris" (2:45)
  5. "Instant Bond" (3:26)
  6. "What's Happening Customer" (3:07)
  7. "Top Ryde Lady" (3:20)
  8. "Suggested Muzak" (2:35)
  9. "Urgency" (3:20)
  10. "This 1" (2:00)

"Suggested Muzak" contains elements of "I'm Still a Simple Man" by Fantastic Plastic Machine, aka Tomoyuki Tanaka.

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