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Some items from my owl collection.

Owl is an imaginary owl. He is a voice in my head that personifies my conscience and helps me to organise my thoughts better, similar to what Native Americans called their 'totem'. I first created Owl when a friend introduced me to daemonism, a philosophy which has brought me much clarity and peace. This link has a very concise and helpful explanation of how daemonist living works.

The Owl character first appeared in my music during "Bowling Suite" on the Top Ryde album. Later the first half of the Fresh Air/The Beach Boys Today Side 2 album was written mostly about him, most notably the song "Your Owl".

I am also fascinated with real owls. I collect owl memorabilia and write a blog called All About Owls. On this blog I try to cover as many facets of the owl experience as possible, from cutesy pop culture to serious issues in the owl conservation world today. Luke Calarco and I recently composed a piece for accordion and bass called "Music to Lure the Laughing Owl".