Michael Jackson was a very good singer, songwriter and dancer. You probably know a lot about him already and there's a good chance he means as much you to as he does to me. He has been a major influence on my music from the ground up and I think most contemporary musicians would say the same.

My first memory of this life is watching the "Remember the Time" video premiere at age 2. The only other things I remember from those first few years is seeing "Black or White" on Rage and buying Bad. Flash forward a few years and I remember seeing hoardes of people outside Michael's Sydney hotel in 1996, clamouring to get a glimpse of him. That was as close as I ever got.

My favourite MJ moments were his dark, gritty songs about crushing loneliness, jealousy, AIDS, sluts and painkiller addiction. In these songs there is a frustrated adult trying to get out of Peter Pan.